Richard Blair And Wealth Solutions Provide Superior Financial Services

Financial advisor Richard Blair has developed a reputation for providing his clients in Austin, Texas with sound investment and wealth solutions. Blair and his company

Wealth Solutions have been offering clients top-notch services which have allowed them to protect, manage and grow their assets. Founder Richard Blair has proven to be a resourceful advisor and partner. He is qualified and highly experienced. His certifications include CFS, RICP, CAS and CES. An investment advisory firm, the Austin, Texas based Wealth Solutions is run as if it is a Registered Investment Advisory.

The Three Pillars

Wealth Solutions employs an innovative comprehensive three pillar approach. It’s designed to be customized to each client’s financial situation and meet their retirement needs. Pillar 1 identifies client’s goals, strengths, growth opportunities and risk tolerance. Pillar 2 is used to create a long-term strategy to meet client’s investment goals and liquidity needs.

It reallocates and manages client assets to maximize performance in positive markets and reduce losses in negative market periods. Pillar 3 focuses on the client’s insurance needs including long-term care, annuities and life insurance.

Richard Blair has always had a natural inclination for finance. He also loves teaching. After college he worked with a number of financial services companies. They include Worldwide Ventures Gp LLC, Crownbridge Wealth LLC, United Global Securities, Inc. and Blair Insurance Group LLC.

This gave him a great deal of experience helping groups and individuals get the most out of their portfolios and plan for the future. Blair has had industry securities registration for over 22 years and is registered with the SEC.

In 1994 Richard Blair founded Wealth Solutions to provide families, individuals and small groups in and around Austin, Texas with investment guidance and advice and other financial services. His mission is to grow their investments and help them to meet their retirement goals.

Today the company is an RIA with over $55 million in assets under management and a reputation for providing the highest quality advisor services and financial planning assistance. The company specializes in insurance, securities, asset protection, state and federal tax, employee benefits and estate tax and planning.

According to Manta, When clients choose to work with Richard Blair Wealth Solutions they know the financial advice they are given is backed by a solid research, planning and strategy. That plan includes the proper wealth management and retirement planning services to enable clients to attain their financial goals.

Billy McFarland Takes a Concept and Makes It Real

Someone once said that ideas are a dime a dozen, but the individual that puts the idea into practice is priceless. That phrase describes Billy McFarland exactly in his business practices. At age 13 he started his first successful business which sourced online for customers for a design company.

When he was a freshman computer engineering student at Bucknell University, he formed a company called “Spling” which takes the textual URL of a company and transforms it into a mosaic-like graphic, which is more attractive and can be used in a marketing sense. McFarland is the CEO of “Spling” which is still in operation and sports clients such as Discovery and Universal.

His most recent, and most successful venture is Magnises, which is a platform designed expressly for millennials in order for them to connect across different planes of careers, interests, and locations. The key to the entire concept is The Black Card, which copies all of the data from the member’s credit or debit card. The member then uses the Black Card for entry and payment at a nice discount to many favorite venues around town.

For an annual fee of only $250, members have access to trendy restaurants, clubs, bars, travel opportunities, events, and concerts. There are also special perks available such as a complementary bottle of wine for dinner or special seating at events.

McFarland is somewhat picky in regard to the businesses chosen, although most of the favorite millennial hangouts are available. The business sees it as a tremendous business promotion and the millennial sees it as a real status symbol.

Currently operating in New York City and Washington DC, Magnises at the end of 2015 had over 10,000 members, and growing. The future looks bright as revenue from memberships alone more than covers operating costs. A recent venture capital infusion of $3 million has not hurt anything either.

Expansion plans are in the works too, with Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angles square in the sights as prime areas to exploit. The major metro areas are where the company’s target group lives. Bloomberg reported that Young professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs between the ages of 21 and 35 are who McFarland says are the ones for whom Magnises is built. The business model is sound, states McFarland, and the future is assured.

Igor Cornelsen Highlights the Right Investment Moves


Igor Cornelsen may have retired from the banking industry in Brazil, but he has a wealth of knowledge to give. He started an investing company in Florida called Bainbridge Investing, and this has given him a platform to tell the world about the best ways to invest money for retirement. He has been successful over the years because he has done his homework on American and Latin American soil. With years of tried and true experience, thousands of LinkedIn connections, Cornelsen has made a believer out of so many people that never thought that they would be able to save for the future. He has been able to carve out the path to success, and he has been gracious enough to share all of this information with others.

Igor provides free investment advice on his WordPress blog. One of the most important things that Igor Cornelsen recommends for investors is diversification. There can be a success without a spreading out of funds over a variety of investments. Some people place their money in stocks, but they decide to spread the money out over different industries like healthcare, government, technology and entertainment stocks.

Others may diversify their portfolio by making some investments in stocks, real estate, mutual funds, annuities and certificates of deposit. It really isn’t about the path that you take to spreading the investments out. The important thing is that you know about the value of spreading the investments out.

Igor Cornelsen suggests this as the viable option to investing because people cannot sleep at night when they feel they are taking on too much risk. This can happen when a person has all of their funds tied up in risky investments. This is no better than trying your hand at gambling in Las Vegas.

There is a possibility of a high return, but the risk is far too great to make it worthwhile. It makes much more sense to spread out the high risk by putting some of your money in low to moderate risk investments. The return may not be as high as you desire, but getting smaller returns is much better for future retirees than losing large profits.

Dick DeVos Brings In A New Entrepreneur To Run His Company

Dick DeVos, president and owner of The Windquest Group just announced that the company’s subsidiary The Stowe Company, Inc will have a new leader. DeVos has hired Phil Dolci, a man with 20 plus years of sales and marketing knowledge to run the company. The Stowe Company is a distributor of home closet space compartments and storage units, and is the parent company to ORG Home products. Dolci has an MBA from Northwestern University, and is the former CEO of Crosman Corporation. The Windquest Group is an investment firm with holdings in consumer products, financial markets, technology, and the energy sector, and Dick DeVos has led this company and Amway Corporation during his business years.


Dick DeVos’s career began back when he was working for his father Richard DeVos at Amway. Richard DeVos co-founded this company back in the 1950s with his friend, Jan Van Andel. Dick and his two brothers, Daniel and Doug learned the functions of this company starting at a young age. Once he got his business degree from Northwood University, Dick started working in upper management levels at the company. He and his brothers all became vice presidents in the 1980s, and then when their father retired Dick became CEO in 1993. Dick and his brothers helped open even more business doors when they opened offices over in Asia, Australia and the Pacific Islands, and when Dick stepped down in 2002, the company had generated over $4 billion in sales.


Dick and his wife Betsy raised 4 children, and as their children attended school, they started becoming concerned about lower income families who struggled to afford private schools. So after starting up the Dick & Betsy DeVos foundation, they started up several scholarship programs including the Education Freedom Fund, and donated to private schools such as Potter’s House. Dick served on the Michigan State Board of Education from 1990-1992, and later he helped start The West Michigan Aviation Academy.


The DeVos’s have also supported other organizations such as children’s hospitals, museums, and fine arts centers. The Kennedy Center’s Art Institute got a generous donation from the DeVos’s that it was renamed the Dick & Betsy DeVos Institute of Art. Both Dick and Betsy have been heavily involved in the state’s Republican party, with Betsy as the former party chair, and Dick ran in the 2006 gubernatorial race. Dick is also the author of Rediscovering American Values.


You Can Work On Your Own Time In New York’s Shared Office Spaces


Shared office spaces might sound like a problem you’re forced to deal with when your boss comes in and tells you that you have to share your office with a new colleague. But in reality it’s actually a brand new way to do work that’s more flexible and offers far more options than a traditional workplace would. Shared office spaces, also known as coworking spaces are facilities where workers perform their tasks either in open lounge areas with tables and sofas, or rent out their own private offices usually on a month-to-month basis. They’ve become popular places to commute to in big cities like New York, and you can find Manhattan offices for rent at various coworking facilities there.


The people who use coworking facilities are primarily freelance workers, independent contractors and remote support workers, but even some companies that have kept their workers in regular cubicle spaces are starting to embrace the idea of using coworking spaces to get more productive workers. The reason for coworking spaces’ success is that with less strict environments and ability to expand social circles, people are able to market their business, hire other workers, or form new business partnerships all under one roof and there’s no feelings of loneliness or isolation. And when they need access to office equipment or high speed internet at odd hours of the night, coworking spaces allow that access. When you’re looking for ideal Manhattan offices for rent, places like Workville have nearly everything you could ask for.


Workville is right in the middle of Manhattan, and through their offices for rent you can get a good view of the skyline from one of its terraces. Workville’s terraces are a great place to get a breath of fresh air when you need a break from work, or to hang out at during an evening function. In addition to working from one of Workville’s private offices or lounge spaces, you can reserve rooms or areas for private parties or hosting events. Workville has office equipment such as printers, copiers, and phone service as well as virtual mail. You can find out more about Workville’s Manhattan offices for rent or schedule a tour from their Facebook.

The Life and Career of Adam Goldenberg

Success is what Adam Goldenberg has known since he was a child. Entrepreneurial skills were evident in him from as early as 13 years of age. This was back in 1994 when Adam was still a school kid. It’s also the time that he founded his first successful venture. In this case, funding came from an unexpected and unusual source. Upon founding the online bulletin board service, Adam funded this venture using his Bar Mitzvah money. However, Goldenberg turned this service to an online gaming alliance and referred it as the Gamer’s Alliance. This venture caught the attention of Bret Brewer, the CEO of Intermix and this led to the acquisition of Gamers Alliance. Little did the Intermix management know that they were hiring an underage. Adam continued working for Intermix and made history when he was appointed as the COO of the firm at the age of 19 years.

When working at intermix media, Adam met Don Ressler, and the two formed a dynamic team that was very effective. They build an e-commerce advertising company on referred to as Alena media that made Intermix a lot of profit. The two, however, become frustrated when Intermix was acquired by News Corp. They were left out on profit sharing despite putting so much into the company. With this frustration and knowing their capability, the two collaborated to establish a brand building enterprise. They had to seek help from some few members of Alena media. They used Adam Goldenberg’s living room as their working space. At the end of two weeks, Adam and his colleagues formed the Brand ideas but later changed its name to intelligent beauty.

Over his entire life, Adam has been part of many investments and companies. Some of these companies are JustFab where he is recognized as the CEO and the co-founder. Goldenberg has also served as a director at Dermstore. Like we saw earlier, he was the CEO and founder of Gamers Alliance. Under his leadership, JustFab was able to expand into several countries outside the US such as Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France and Spain. Also, the e-commerce website was able to have a subscription of over 35 million people under his leadership. Currently, Adam is serving as a venture partner at a company known as Crosscut Ventures. This company majorly focuses on funding small technology startup in the area of southern California. Adam believes that o be successful in business you must learn to adapt very fast. He is also a believer in transparency and also recommends teamwork. See:

Full Cycle Energy’s Newest Addition To The Team, Sam Tabar, Will Do Great Things


Sam Tabar is the current Chief Operating Officer at the company Full Cycle Energy, which happened at the end of 2015. In his newly appointed position, Sam Tabar will be responsible for the overall management of the funds assets direction.


When the position came to Sam, he was more than excited about the opportunity, he was honored. He had long be following the work of the company and loved the idea of being able to be apart of the great work they are trying to do there to improve quality of life for everyone in the world through their innovative developments in new fuel technologies.

Full Cycle Energy was started up in 2013, with a goal of transforming the waste that people produce on a daily basis into a form of fuel for people to use in various ways to help communities all over the globe with power.


They company hopes to improve on the environmental conditions as well, by helping to eliminate the harmful emissions caused from cars using fossil fuels today. Not only this but in the future the door could be opened for self sustaining energy sources that would allow countries to possibly become self-reliant.


CrunchBase shows us that Sam Tabar landed a well to do position as Skadden, Slater, Arps, Meagher & Flom LLP after he graduated from the prestigious Columbia Law School. Sam was tasked with managing customers on their hedfe fund structures and investment, advising on compliance issues, employment liabilities, side letters, placement memoranda, and more. He was doing quite well at the company, but wanted to explore more opportunities waiting in the field of business, which is why he moved on to join the team at SPARX in 2004. At SPARX, Sam ended up becoming a managing director for the company.


After this, Sam went on to join the Merrill Lynch bank as a director for the Asia-Pacific region. It was in 2013 that Sam got back into the legal field by joining up with Schulte Roth and Zabel as a Senior Associate. Here, he primarily focused on hedge funds for the company, before departing in 2014 for other opportunities.  Read more about Sam on, and help join his charitable causes by visiting GoFundMe.

Keith Mann Is Making the World a Better Place for Others

Compassion is a rare virtue that is only identified in few individuals. Compassion breeds philanthropy, which trickles down to love and happiness. Philanthropy can range from financial contributions to volunteering. One of the people who have built a name for themselves due to their philanthropic actions is Keith Mann, a New York-based entrepreneur.

In March 2015, Keith alongside Dynamics Research Partners raised over $22,000 for the Uncommon Schools initiative in New York City. The contributions helped sponsor students sitting for their 2014-2015 school year examinations. In February 2015, Keith Mann and his company made a significant contribution to the New York Police Department in a bid to enhance the level of service delivery to residents. He organized lunch at the 54th Street in January followed by a larger one in February. In the event, Keith appreciated the officers citing their hard work and determination in ensuring New York City is secure.

Keith recently announced scholarship programs for professional achievers. The programs are meant to enhance the rate of employment of a new generation of graduates from Brooklyn. The program will also include awards to recognize creative business leaders from the city.

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamics Research Partners, a firm that is committed to generating top experts for hedge fund and private equity industries. He started the firm in 2001 with little expectations that it would transform into a multi-national company 15 years later. Dynamics Research Partners now brags of over 2,000 client mandates sourced from different parts of the world. The firm also prides itself in being one of the largest databases for investors in the United States.

Keith Mann       was born in Manchester, United Kingdom. As a young person, he was always filled with sympathy for those who are in uncomfortable situations. He wanted to help and make a difference in their lives. This acceptable temperament made him who he is today. Besides business, Keith has a passion for animals. He will go out of his way to ensure animals get the comfort they deserve. The society could have been far much a better place if it had millions of individuals like Keith Mann.

A Service Offered During a Devastating Time

The massive flooding that hit Louisiana lately has caused many people to lose everything they own and has uprooted many lives. People have to relocate and find temporary places to live until the floods recede and then they can determine what their next step may be. Some people have lost their lives due to the flooding and the death toll is rising. Being able to communicate with family and friends is very important during such a crisis and even inmates deserve this right also. Securus Technologies is offering free phone service for inmates in Louisiana during this time as a way of allowing them to contact their loved ones and stay in touch with the events surrounding the floods. Being able to communicate with loved ones during this time can help relieve anxiety and worry about their whereabouts and also provide the information they need during this time.


Securus Technologies is based in Dallas, Texas and provides communication services for inmates in correctional facilities across the United States in 45 states and also in the District of Columbia, Canada, and Mexico. Inmates are able to speak with their family members and friends via telephone on a regular basis along with being able to communicate with staff in the correctional facility and law enforcement personnel. Please click here to learn more about the ways in which Securus is helping inmates and the facilities in which they reside in.


Being able to communicate with loved ones in great times of need is very important and the devastating floods occurring in Louisiana make communication even more important for Louisiana inmates right now. Securus has been offering ways for inmates to speak with their family and friends for a long time, but offering this service free during this time shows even more about how much this company cares about inmates.


Town Residential is New York’s Finest Real Estate Firm

Urban Estates

Many people are always prompted to adopting town life. Most urbanized cities are well in business and technological advancements. Good road networks and well-maintained recreational facilities are what most urban centers beat most rural areas. The kind of mansions available and real estate services have depicted the kind of flow of money and improved service delivery. Most of the services are operated on brokerage, and a good example is a Town Residential in Texas. The chief brokerage officer Andrew Heiberger, of the 33 Irving place has made more advances to see the competitive real estate enterprise.

The market is always what many business people focus on before they launch their businesses. They meet the required experience for work and availability of materials at hand. There is a real trend in the hiring of the proper services that are required. Established sources and internet usage has been exhaustively used to seek both the clients and service providers. Many new upcoming industries are fighting to so hard to provide extra essential service so as to catch the customers’ eye.
Success in this business has to be encompassed with other requirements such as exceptional customer service, transparency information on prices and security. Professional guidance and neighborhood expertise has to be improved so that the residents remain in a well-coordinated environment that supports the survival of the business at and in all means and direction respectively. An identified system that guides the rental prices and other services must be determined and well stipulated. The rates for each particular town are economically developed, and the strength of each center varies. Businesses and educational institutions are among the biggest contributors of industrialization

Real estate and its strength

Many whistleblowers are out here seeking to invest in the real estate enterprises. Agreements that may involve complete ownership or lease services are struck on the daily basis to see through the lives and standards of the industry improve. The services such as valuations and quotations must be done with the appropriately qualified heads who will help corporations or individuals to strike deals. Justice courts must get involved in some instances when the businesses treaties become breached.

Employment creation improvement of life standards

The infrastructural growth and developments in most urban residential areas have been massive in the change of the standards of living. With the increased and decent housing and improved complimentary services such as transport systems and internet services, many people have got a chance to earn jobs. The wages and salaries paid to the service providers have consequently helped them to improve the status of their living standards. All that has to be put in place is the sound management systems and training institutions for real estate issues. Following a good system of organization, the town residential would become an excellent communal booster regarding economic development. Meanwhile, the industry remains hailed for good employee distribution and employee growth rates with accompanied excellent leadership skills thus; more should be done.